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Preparing them For The Future






Play School Group

Play-School is a stepping stone for small kids of age 2-3 years normally. So our facilitators help them adjust to the new environment, their tender hearts are nurtured with enormous love and care and are guided to become self–learners. The development of the child goes through a series of foundation processes which are implemented step-by-step starting with the basics and aiming at achieving the ultimate goal of happiness- the starting blocks being love, care, and security. Our teachers create an atmosphere where a child can freely express and learn under their caring guidance. We provide a secure loving environment where children develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually

Developmental Activities

The curriculum is aimed at the all-round development of a child. A range of pre-reading and pre-writing activities are introduced to help children learn one step at a time. The curriculum allows your child to experiment with ideas and gain new experiences. We aim to instill in a child the skill to enjoy and explore his environment and channel his abundant energy purposefully and creatively.



skill to enjoy

Explore Environment

Ideas of new experiences

Day Care

Kidz Dream World Play School Day Care gives vent to attain knowledge by using observation, sorting and comparing, creative problem solving using intelligence, reflection, documenting experiences, and valuing for comprehensive development for each future genius and at the end of the pre-primary year children should be ready to face the formal extensive education system. We sprinkle the essential moral elements throughout the curriculum which intends to motivate young minds to make better choices and make them stronger and more confident.

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