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Full Day Day-Care Programme

6 Months to 3 Years (Includes Infant, Toddlers & Pre-School Kids)
Kidz Dream World offers comprehensive full-day and extended Day-Care services for children aged 6 months to 3 years. We understand that these formative years are not just filled with joy but are also a critical period of rapid brain development. Each day, every interaction, and every engagement during this time lays the groundwork for a lifetime of learning.
 A carefully designed, age-appropriate Day-Care methodology tailored to early childhood development.

  •  Plenty of outdoor and indoor play Activity, along with nutritious meals to foster a love for keeping kids happy and healthy. Kids are fed by the teachers and table manners are taught to them.
  • Well-lit, ventilated, and temperature-controlled rooms maintained to the highest safety and hygiene standards.
  • Well established sleeping room for kids, use of cozy mat/blankets, comfortable room temperature for soothing and comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Development of consistent Nap time, Meals time and Play-way Activity time to make healthy routine.

After School Day Care Programme

3 Years to 10 Years (Kids coming from Formal School)
Our Day-Care centre provides a loving, caring and safe atmosphere for children. They are under the supervision of highly trained teachers and efficient staff. Hands on experience and learning along with age appropriate activities nurture the children socially, emotionally and physically. By incorporating these practices in Day-Care routine, we help to maintain cleanliness and hygiene while ensuring their comfort and well-being.

  • Standards of hygiene are as per international norms. A healthy and nutritious meal is cooked in-house.
  • Changing of clothes (School Uniform) and washing hands and face of kids under the supervision of teachers/staff.
  • Two meals are served to take care of growth and nutrition of the children.

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