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Mrs. Shraddha Tekriwal (Principal)

Principal Desk

Welcome to all the Parents !!!!!!!

We believe that a good environment at home is of as much importance for the child’s development as the environment at the school. Our qualified staff remains in Constant interaction with the parents and grandparents of all the children. The pre-school period is a time for playing, learning, and growing….

As they move into their respective tomorrows so bright…..with goals to be achieved and more dreams still to aspire….we say to them… “Work hard and play straight” 

We at Kidz Dream World Play School Day Care provide an atmosphere full of love, care, and comfort and prepare the children to achieve age-appropriate developmental tasks required at various stages of their life.

Every child is special and unique, and here we give them their own pace to learn. We provide an enriched curriculum designed for the holistic development of every child.

Mrs. Shraddha Tekriwal

Our Team

Academic Team
• Mrs. Shraddha Tekriwal (Principal)
• Mrs. Nisha Dutta (Pre-Primary Day Care Co-ordinator) Team

Excellent Caregivers are crucial for the well-being of kids who often pick up habits and manners from them. Hence our policy is very strict when it comes to hiring them. Not only do they undergo a thorough background check and ask for references from their past employers but they also need to carry themselves with dignity and possess good manners and hygiene. All the staff (Teachers and caregivers) must show motherhood feelings towards the kids throughout the day.
Infants and toddlers will be accompanied by caregivers to the toilet, those not yet toilet trained will also be done so by caregivers. During meal times, children will be fed and supervised by teachers and caregivers who will ensure that table manners and etiquette are followed. For Day Care kids, teachers and caregivers will put them to sleep and be present in the daycare room all through their nap time. 
Our caregivers are well-equipped and come from experienced backgrounds which enable them to read to children and engage in selected activities. Parents should feel assured about the fact that we do not leave kids with an “aiya” hence there is no fear of questionable characters in their absence. Parents can feel free to talk to the care-givers about a particular need of their child, like a song that relaxes them or a toy that makes them happy.
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Email the school administration department at or call the school board to schedule an appointment with the appropriate person. All details can be found in the “Contact Us” section of the website including a form to request a meeting.

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