“We are making the best of efforts to offer intellectual, physical, social, cultural and spiritual richness to the young lives. In short, our endeavor is to create and add value to the lives of children to enable them to bloom into capable, responsible and compassionate individuals“

                                                                                                                                           From the desk of Principal :- Shradha Tekriwal


School should be a place where your kids learn, play, understands, recognize, shares, grow and rise in life. We provide you best services at our Play School & Day Care. We are the best Professional Day Care and the first school to provide LIVE view of your kids any time / anywhere totally FREE. We have 100% transparency policy with simple punch line. “What we say, that we do” A play school is foundation stone for the any Kid and Day care is second best home for any baby. We are best known for the services provided to the kids and gain trust and comfort of Parents. We use a variety of teaching strategies to enhance learning and development, and an appropriately challenging and safe environment is provided for Infants, Toddlers & Play school kids to explore and manipulate. Children are encouraged to learn and grow at their own rates and in their own ways. Our teachers focus on the whole child - social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual - within a structure that allows for some natural flexibility.
“Children are happy and settled because they have warm, secure relationships with teachers.”

Admission Open - New Batch Starts


  • ONLINE View of your Kids LIVE Anytime / Anywhere
  • At our school we provide facility to the parents to view their kids playing, learning, dancing, doing activity, being naughty and having food.
  • We are the first school to provide these services to every parent free of cost. We have 100% transparency and parents can have look at their kids all the time.
  • Variety of Nutritious Homely Meals for all tastes
  • Experienced & Trained faculty of Teachers
  • Minimum Child Teacher Ratio for optimal care and attention
  • Modern Learning techniques & Wide range of Educational Activities
  • Picnics, Outings and Events for overall growth
  • Escorted Transport facility
  • Celebrations of important festivals
  • Parenting Workshop.